Company Profile

Mission & Vision

AmmoboxStudios’ mission is to deliver high quality games that brings innovation to familiar game genres. Our philosophy is in blending cutting edge technology with creativity to create an efficient development environment.

At AmmoboxStudios we believe that games bring people together in a way no other social activity could. Our games focuses heavily on immersive team gameplay that creates epic experiences.

Core Activity

Company Timeline

  • Finalist for IndiePrize 2017 (Casual Connect Seattle)
  • GDC / PAX East 2017
  • Seed Investment from GameFounders Accelerator
  • Greenlight Campaign
  • First playable build
  • Eximius (Re-branded from Project Combine)
  • Agent RX
  • Ship Client Project
  • First playable build of Project Combined
  • Established
  • Received Grant MDEC Technopreneur Pre-Seed

The Team

Jeremy Choo

Founder / CEO/ Game Director

From: Malaysia

Dip Sc. Information System Engineering

Jeremy is a technical specialist in Unreal Engine related technologies and currently serves as a Technical Lead and Game Director in AmmoboxStudios. He is a multi-field game developer, capable on 3D Art, programming, and technical art development.

Shaikh Zhafri

Co-Founder / Art Lead

From: Malaysia

Degree in Games Art Development (Limkokwing University)

Zhafri is a multi-talented artist skilled in 2D and 3D art. He currently leads the Art Team in AmmoboxStudios and is involved in 3D Art production and UI Design.

Shaman Teh

UX Designer / UI Programmer

From: Malaysia

BSc. Games Technology (Limkokwing University)

Shaman is a UI programmer and technical generalist. Apart from implementing User-Interface elements, he is also heavily involved in QA side.

Chofni Knol

Character Artist

From: Netherlands

Chofni is a character artist and sculptor. With a following of over 6000 subscribers on Youtube, he has been doing online training videos for 3D Sculpting for several years.

Christian Salge (Chris)

Concept Artist

From: United States

Chris is an extremely talented 3D Concept Artist specializing in Hard surface concepting and modeling. Self-taught from a young age, he now does freelancing jobs while work with AmmoboxStudios.

Cheng Ann (Mark)

3D Modeler

From: Malaysia

Mark is a highly experienced 3D artist. He has familiarized himself with a diversified set of 3D tools and texturing workflow over the many years of being a freelancer. Mark is also previously employed in Code Masters Kuala Lumpur as a 3D Artist.